Photographs taken by Robert Meyer, Jr., unless noted otherwise.

Eric ~ Guitar, Vocals

Eric still calls Birmingham, Alabama 'home town'.  His family enjoyed many musical genres from the deep Southern vocals of Sacred Harp to Bluegrass to Classical.  One night, after some prodding, he got up and played at a Carolina Golf Club "Talent Night"...when asked for an encore he introduced his original "Trade Street and Tryon".  So with 1 guitar and 1 microphone, the seed for the In-Laws was planted.

Leo ~ Percussion, Guitar, Vocals

Leo originally hails from Trenton, New Jersey but has called Charlotte, NC home since the late 70's. Leo's musical influences were rooted long before the days of Disco thanks to three older sisters who, along with his bottles, fed him non-stop helpings of all the Rock n' Roll, Folk, R&B, Motown & British Invasion hits of the 50's & 60's. Though it occurred much later in life than he had hoped, his opportunity finally came in 2007 when he purchased his first acoustic guitar. Amazingly just a few months later, armed with a whopping 4 chords, he was performing live on stage with his good friend Eric Lee and has never looked back.....

Robert ~ Bass, Guitar, Vocals



A native Charlottean, Robert Meyer has been in and around music since childhood. What really captured his attention at a young age was the soulful music of his father, Bob Meyer, who sang with local bands including the Catalinas and the Rivieras. That music inspired Robert to pick up the guitar and bass, and he began playing in various rock and R&B bands in and after college. Robert joined the In-Laws in 2010, and has enjoyed the band's ability to mix a wide range of musical styles.  

Melissa ~ Vocals, Percussion


After decades of community theatre in NY,  Melissa was seeking a drama free day and headed to a beautiful Long Island beach. While swimming,  she got caught in a rip tide and glided down south with the current. She saw a floating mic stand and held on until she landed on a North Carolina shore. She made her way to Charlotte, planted her mic stand and stayed. Ready for a new adventure she picked up a microphone for that stand and officially became an Inlaw.

Adam ~ Saxophone, Vocals

Saxophonist and vocalist for the variety dance band community for over 10 years, Adam Rouse has played countless wedding receptions and corporate events. Adam has also dabbled in studio production, both recording and engineering. His fifteen minutes of fame: sitting in with the horn section for Little Anthony and the Imperials! Adam is simply passionate about playing and singing to the audience. “Every performance is a celebration!”

Brad~ Drums


Honorary Former Members

A North Carolina native, Brad Abernathy picked up the drumsticks at age 12 when he began playing in the school concert band. This was a defining moment in that he found music to be his passion. In the years to come, Brad would play in various bands from Charlotte to Greensboro including cover, original, and event/wedding bands. Brad credits his drumming influences (Steve Smith, Liberty DeVitto) for helping form his drumming style and technique. Brad joined the In-Laws in spring of 2017, and enjoys the wide musical variety the band offers.

Marc Juliano-   Marc was our brilliant  synthesizer player for several years and also served as the band's music director.  He is now enjoying life in sunny Florida. 

Randall Russell-  Randall, our faithful Decatur, Alabama favorite son and friend to all who know him,  played drums for the band for over seven years.  He lives in Charlotte and stays busy running an insurance business and raising two great kids.

Lee Spinks- Lee  played guitar, harmonica, keyboards, and cowbell for the band for over seven years.  However, he is most known for his remarkably enthusiastic impression of Mick Jagger singing Satisfaction.  Lee lives in Charlotte and stays busy with an active law practice.